The inside scoop

In response to those who have asked to see photos of the INSIDE of our little cottage, this one’s for you. Keep in mind that there’s a lot of work to be done – many rooms even have multiple colors on the walls, where previous tenants have either been unable to make up their minds or have simply tired of the task of painting soon after starting.

However, we find it charming (we’ve even gotten used to the multiple wall colors), and are very much looking forward to all of the “home renovation” projects we have scheduled for this summer.

Our living room, complete with wood stove:

living room

“The boys” napping in the bedroom:


Looking into the bedroom, from the living room:

bedroom doorway

Corner of the living room, with ladder to the loft:


Babycat enjoying the loft (our future bedroom, once it’s fixed up):

loft cat

“The room between the rooms” (not really a room, but connecting the living room to the kitchen):

breakfast nook

Our cool old-fashioned windows open into the room:


Our wonderful spacious kitchen:


Our very cool 1950s stove:


And the spices and herbs above it:


Pretty tiles in the bathroom – made by one of the hippies that used to live here:

bathroom tiles

And from the outside, the very back room (with the open door) is our mud room/laundry room:

mud room