3 thoughts on “The latest addition to our family…”

  1. Diana

    love the color. adds something special to the other greens surrounding it…interesting…why did I think you would have gotton bikes? always did love this car…have not seen this design in a while.

  2. tencentlife

    I guess every photo of any of your cars from now on will display the requisite water droplets. Hell, why not? Wet cars always look better (because you wish you were inside them, instead of standing outside taking pictures in the rain like an idiot).

    Well, learn to appreciate the damp (as you rub the corner of your eye on the non-mossy side of your face), because in another month or two, the summer scorch will begin. You’ll be prayin’ for rain by August!

    Anyway, nice new wheels, nice new digs and digging. Dig a root cellar while you’re at it, so’s you can put up them radishes.

    Glad y’all are happy there!

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