3 thoughts on “View from the living room window”

  1. Jay Solis

    Hey, that looks like my company parking lot. They’re moving in and they like to gang up and surround one car everyday.

    I’ve tried to take pictures with my phone, but whenever I get that close, they seem to get pissed off. And I’m not about to mess with them.

  2. Teri Post Author

    uh-uh, not *these* turkeys!

    this is one of the family of wild turkeys we call “ours”

    they’ve been coming around all summer, started out a mama and 5 (or maybe 6, according to our neighbor) babies

    now there’s just mama and 3 of her babies left, but they’ve grown into big strong beautiful birds

    we leave food out for them, and they talk to us in turkey language and aren’t really afraid of us anymore – it feels like it would betray some sort of agreement between us to hunt them

    (besides, there’s a “no gunshots except in emergencies” rule on our land, and thanksgiving doesn’t exactly qualify as an emergency)

    now, turkey hunting on other people’s property is completely acceptable – and peter’s been out there a couple of times now, trying to bring home thanksgiving dinner…

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