Getting near the end (as if such a project could ever be "finished"!)

Whew! Can’t wait to stop working on it so much and take a trip! ‘Nother month…

Finished up one of the dining/computer tables:

It’s less pretty underneath:

Made an insertable screen with a shrouded fan…not the prettiest, but it’ll come in handy:

The water finally works without twisting wires together etc:

10 gallons of water for hand and dishwashing in the sink cabinet, and storage above tank:

Hasps and padlocks for the Thule pod:

Also got the swingarm for a Westfalia table from Busdepot, but the part that goes on the table is backordered. And topped up the power steering fluid, fixed a dead taillight, put a bit of Marvel Mystery Oil in the crankcase for luck, got 4 new tires put on, finished boxing in the rest of the passenger-side rear cabinetry, found a little rack to hang from the front console, and finished wiring up the solar stuff.

2 thoughts on “Getting near the end (as if such a project could ever be "finished"!)”

  1. Jerry

    With all the stuff you’re adding, what are you doing to beef up the suspension to handle the extra weight? Have you weighed it lately? just a thought.

  2. Don

    Love reading about how you are fixing up your van. I had one of those ‘hippy van’ things in Europe back probably before you were born (well, 1973 if you must know). We used a sheet of plywood off the engine compartment to support a roll of foam. Cooked on a backpacker’s butane stove & had a little cooler that was usually about 3 degrees cooler than the surrounding air. But it was great fun and reading your blog brings back those days. You are just about 5000% more sophisticated than we were! But it’s still great. Keep up the good work.

    If you want to see our ‘website’ just drop me a line & I’ll send you the URL. I’m travelling now with a different wife & in a completely different mode. The site needs updating right now but should get attention soon.

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