I’m looking to buy the following (this entry will be updated as I find parts/problems)

  • “Sportsmobile” type popup. This is the 4.5′ square one that goes over the kitchen area, not the full-size one that tilts. I might be interested in the longer sportsmobile one, but I don’t weld (yet!) and suspect it’ll be hard to find someone in the area who’s famliar with that conversion…and it’d be friggin expensive I imagine…hmmm…
  • Westy-type rear seat/bed (the 2/3 width version), preferably not the older one with dark fakewood – GOT IT!
  • Late model Westy sink/stove
  • Vented catalytic propane heater
  • Working, matched door locks all around w/key (only the hatch works with my key)
  • Full set of curtain hardware
  • Correct wheelcovers and trim rings (4 each)
  • Rebuilt engine and tranny (really, the info. on someone LOCAL who can do the job)

I’m only posting difficult to find ones here, the others I’ll get off ebay etc. and I’ll blog the installation processes.