With apologies to Aberdeen…

aber face

…for taking so long to introduce her!

aber blaaaa

Aberdeen is the latest addition to our little goat herd. Another yearling doe from the same herd as Drama, Aberdeen came to live with us just over 2 weeks ago. She’s bigger than either Koko (yes, we just found out we’d been spelling it incorrectly) or Drama Queen, but much more shy and skittish. (And did you notice her wattles in the above photo? Are they cute or what?! We call them her “caterpillars”.)


It took her a few days to get used to us, though now that she has identified Peter and me as the bringers of treats, she seems to have gotten over some of her shyness. I don’t think it helped that both Drama and Koko began beating her up incessantly as soon as she first walked through the gate to her new home. (Apparently goats find it very important to establish their pecking order – and poor Koko, the lowest of the low in her old herd, finally had someone that she could pick on! Drama, on the other hand, just likes to be top dog no matter what.)

aber-drama butt

Now that she’s been here for a while, she’s settled in nicely. The other two goats still like to put her in her place, but they seem to have accepted her as one of them. The plans are to breed both Drama and Aberdeen sometime this fall, so by spring we’ll have kids bouncing around and fresh yummy goat milk.

3 goats

4 thoughts on “With apologies to Aberdeen…”

  1. Mary Jo & Robert

    We wondered what you’ve been up to. It’s been awhile since your last post! Now you’re REAL Oregonians! You’re locked in, with livestock to tend to! Good luck!

  2. Mom

    Aberdeen is pretty, but Koko is still the cutest. She might become the prima donna of the herd yet. I do love goat cheese!!

  3. Hilary

    It was nice to get to meet the goats and to see you guys again. I must say, I like the array of personalities. I probably could have stayed out with them all day if Anaya didn’t need tending.

  4. Teri Post Author

    thanks guys, for all the comments!

    we love our little goat herd, and often wonder how we managed so long without any! they do have such distinct personalities, and are so entertaining

    it’s just a bonus that they’re going to share their milk with us

    i think we were locked in to oregon from the moment we arrived, but yes, now we’ve made it official! somehow i just don’t think that a brooklyn landlord would buy our story that they’re just really funny-looking dogs…

    koko is totally the prima donna already, or at least she’s the spoiled baby of the bunch – i guess drama queen is the real prima donna

    aberdeen, by comparison, is just very chill – likes treats and attention, but is not quite as demanding as the other two

    and yeah, hilary, it was great having you out! sorry we didn’t get to watch the movie together, but i think i enjoyed the conversation much more

    we finally watched it last night and loved it, btw

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