Who we are

We are Teri Myers and Peter Bergin, two long-time Brooklyn residents who shed most of our possessions, hit the road for a few months, and found a new home in rural Burp Hollow, Oregon.

Now we’re running our small farm-ette – complete with dairy goats, chickens, a large garden and an orchard – and accumulating new skills: making cheese and yogurt, baking bread, cooking from scratch, eating with the seasons, preserving food for winter, heating with wood, foraging, making herbal tinctures and teas, brewing beer and wine, fermenting fruits and vegetables, tending livestock, butchering poultry, growing a garden, re-using and re-purposing, making and building.

Thanks for joining us on our journey. Welcome to Braided Bower Farm.

3 thoughts on “Who we are”

  1. Teri

    hi corie! i just sent you an email in reply, but thought i’d answer you here as well in case anyone else had the same question…

    there is currently a blank “company page” for braided bower farm, which i suppose we should make into a real farm page (so you can “like” it, but there’s no real info there… yet…)

    peter and i both have personal pages, as well

    (though, for anyone reading this who doesn’t know us “in real life”, we generally don’t accept friend requests from people we don’t know unless we have an idea of who they are… so, for any blog readers who want to friend us on facebook, please also send us a message telling us you are a blog reader so we know to accept your request!)

  2. Kelly Lomax

    I just found this website and I just love what you’re doing! I’m trying the same thing, but I’m in the middle of the Mojave desert, which makes for new challenges on a daily basis!I’d love to follow you on Facebook!

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