Mixing up the chicken genetics

Got some new babies today, an experiment with full-size chickens. Two Welsummers (patterned ones) and three Turkens (aka Naked Necks). With any luck, tonight I will slip these under the broody hen whose eggs were all duds, and she will accept and raise them. Without luck, we’ll have chickens in the living room for the next month or two.

The “Turkens” are not actually turkey-chicken crosses, they’re just called that because their naturally bare necks, which tend to turn red as they age, make them look a bit like turkeys.

6 thoughts on “Mixing up the chicken genetics”

  1. Jeanne

    Did someone, at sometime, decide to do selective breeding to create a designer chick with a naked neck?
    If so, why? I think the color patch one is cute. Undecided on the naked neck.

  2. Jeanne

    Don’t know why but, when I look at that fluffy white chick with the naked neck I think of ZsaZsa Gabor.

  3. Miriam

    Guy, the farmer at Blooming Grove farm when I worked there, had a fancy rooster named Tina Turner with a big feathery tuffet atop his head. That rooster scared the crap outta me – like he knew his name was Tina, and he was really pissed about it…your white chick is kinda freaking me out, but the other one is cute!

  4. Peter Post Author

    Geez, poor Turkens – even Teri doesn’t seem quite sure about them – but I think they’re very charming, and the breed’s characteristics sound like a good fit for us.

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