Website makeover!

We’ve finally brought our website into the 21st century, with an updated design and some new features!

One of the reasons we have this blog is to share what we learn with others who are choosing a “simpler” life, just as we’re constantly learning from other homesteaders’ blogs. With that in mind, we’ve changed a few things around to make it easier to find what you’re looking for – while keeping the blog format so people making similar journeys can go chronologically through our doings, which places the whole thing in context.

If that’s not enough for ya, I can probably put a button on the site which when clicked will launch a random slideshow of cute livestock photos =)

Please let us know if anything about the new look & layout is/isn’t working well for you!


4 thoughts on “Website makeover!”

  1. kate

    love the new design . . . feels very clean and simple . . . like the lifestyle you guys are living . . . 🙂

  2. Peter Post Author

    Thanks for the kind words! I roughed out the shape of it, but Teri is the art director who made it shine =)

    As for “like the lifestyle you guys are living” – that would be “muddy and complicated” =p

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