It may not look like much yet, but it’ll be sturdy and cozy for a couple of goats, coming this spring:
Pallets becoming a stable

Here’s the gate to goatland…this will take a bit of work too:
Door to the goat area

* Oh, the title…it’s meant to mean “The goat house rises”, but freetranslation.com may have betrayed me. The goats we’re planning on are half Oberhasli, which is a Swiss breed. The Swiss people are predominantly German speakers…yeah, it’s a stretch. But German is fun for making enormous compound words!

2 thoughts on “Ziegehausaufstiege*”

  1. Peter

    We’ll have to have a BBQ again soon! Yes, it’s a beer can, such blue-collar labors demand that the worker occasionally downs a really bad water-beer =)

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