A step backward in time

Since our internet access has been a bit sporadic, we still have a collection of photos from earlier phases of our journey that we hadn’t yet gotten around to posting. So if you will, return with us now to early December, and Michigan…

Near Bear Lake, Michigan (northwestern side of the lower peninsula), we hiked a trail back to this beautiful spot overlooking Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan - blue

Since it was hunting season, we all had to wear ORANGE…

Pete and Teri at Lake Michigan

…including our very deer-like dog.

Ceili is NOT A DEER!

A couple of days after our hike, we had a big snowstorm (still in Bear Lake, visiting family). This was the beautiful view we had upon awakening the next day.

Bear Lake, Michigan in the winter

On our drive to Michigan’s upper peninsula, we had a slightly nerve-wracking crossing of the Mackinac Bridge, on a very windy day. (Someone was actually blown off the bridge once!)

Macinac Bridge

When we saw this, we knew we were actually in the U.P. – these signs were everywhere! (No, this is not the type of store you think it is – pasties in the U.P. are like meat-filled pies.)

Edible Pasties

And, here is how we REALLY knew we were in the U.P. – the gorgeous sunset over Lake Michigan.

Sunset over Lake Michigan

Now, we’ll skip forward a bit in our trip…

After our stop in Charlotte, NC, we headed south through South Carolina and part of Georgia. We found this amazing sky on our way out of North Carolina.

North Carolina sky

Ever since seeing the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” I’ve wanted to see Savannah in person. So, of course we had to make a detour into the city. The historic section is absolutely beautiful – lots of little parks, and traffic circles to keep car speeds low. We both agreed that if we had any desire to remain on the east coast, we would have to consider Savannah.

House in Savannah, Georgia

Park in Savannah, Georgia

Peter and Ceili in Savannah, Georgia

We got a kick out of the sign on the back of this truck, spotted somewhere around the Georgia-Florida border.

Be a flirt, lift your skirt

Next up, Florida’s Ocala National Forest, which deserves its own entry.