4 thoughts on “Cute goat baby video!”

  1. Miriam

    awesome! I was gonna comment on your last post, but there were already so many, I figured I’d just move on to the next! I really enjoyed Teri’s relating of the birth story, and the pics, thanks to both of you! this is just a funny video, Pete, love the theme music!

  2. peter Post Author

    I’m so happy everyone enjoys the baby goats! They’re my instant fix for “bang head on keyboard” days =)

    @Kelly: I’ll send Teri home with some this summer 😉

    @Miriam: Archive.org is the greatest…one could spend hours just poring through the live Dead shows on there…well, I could…

    @Jeff: It was great to meet you, neighbors – and to see your beautiful creations! Hope we can get you over here some time for bbq’d Deck Family Farm ribs this coming dry season!

    Though by this time of the year, I find myself doubting that the cool, wet weather will ever go for its nap and let the sun visit us…

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