Goodbye rascally boys; enter new goat babies!

Our beloved and rascally Reepicheep and Pattertwig (now known as Waylon and Willie) went to their fantastic new home a couple of weeks ago. We miss them, but we know that they are being treasured and loved by their new keepers. We feel so grateful to have found such wonderful homes for both sets of twins we’ve sold over the past few months. (The above photos were taken on a sunny day in January; the bottom one is the two of them with their mama, Drama Queen.)

But don’t despair, ye lovers of baby goats: our little Zoe (Aberdeen’s daughter from 2009, now not so little anymore) appears to be in the beginning stages of labor. Soon there will be cute goat baby photos yet again! (We know that’s the only reason y’all come here…)

(For those of you that are actually still reading, apologies for yet another long absence – it was a crazy winter for us, but we’re hoping to be much more regular with posting now and maybe even catch up on some back posts we’ve wanted to write!)

4 thoughts on “Goodbye rascally boys; enter new goat babies!”

  1. Teri Post Author

    hi taryn – thanks for visiting, and for commenting!

    yes, it’s hard and so scary to send our little ones out into the world!

    but, alas, we just can’t keep them all…

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