Eclipse, bread, spider, pancake, truck, ice, Eugene

More-or-less chronologically…

I’ll start you off with a wildlife photo (and I promise, it gets prettier as you progress through the post)…a spider wrapping up a buzzing fly:

Spider wrapping fly

Letting the spiders live happily in some corners helps with the flies…but the really scary looking ones get put outside.

While we’re on the topic of food…we finally tried cooking something on the woodstove, and frankly it worked much better than our electric stove:

woodstove pancakes

Here’s a scary/lucky sort of thing; this is a fuel line with a big split in it…a split that was sealed up by a giant icicle! I went to replace the line and when I splashed warm water on the icicle, gasoline started spewing out. Moral of the story: do not wait till your car is in her mid-30s to replace all the fuel lines.

icy leaking fuel line

Last night I tried making Challah bread from a bread machine recipe…well, it was yummy, and pretty, but I’ve got a lot of R&D to do before it remotely resembles a proper Brooklyn bakery loaf:

Challah attempt 1

Our silly red monster truck got a fun drive up the logging roads today. She’s so at home up there:

Big stupid redneck truck

Eugene’s lights twinkled in the distance:
Eugene, Oregon from the Coast Range, 20 miles N/W

And to the North East, the rising moon appeared to be occluded by a cloud…but actually it was starting to eclipse already:

Pre-eclipse gorgeousness

These last two eclipse photos were take about two hours later, from our orchard, as the moon began to reappear. Full disclosure: the darker photo is a composite of two bracketed exposures; my digital cameras don’t have the range of Kodachrome…sigh…

2008-02-20 Full Lunar Eclipse

2008-02-20 Full Lunar Eclipse

4 thoughts on “Eclipse, bread, spider, pancake, truck, ice, Eugene”

  1. Mary Jo & Robert

    Wow! So glad you’re back blogging! We only saw a few minutes of the eclipse last night, too many clouds here in the desert near Yuma, but it was in totality, and very reddish. The bread looks delicious, and never having been to Brooklyn I would have believed it’s authentic!

  2. jen

    hey guys – gorgeous eclipse photos!! i actually had a lovely clear view from my back porch right here in the boston burbs. but not so “high def” as your view. 🙂

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